• OPT-S500F

The OPT-S500F photocatalytic xenon light source uses a 500W short arc spherical xenon light source as light emitter to achieve the same output light power as a 300W bulb, provides low-cost bulb replacement, and the spot size can be adjusted freely.

The OPT-S500F uses a high stability outdoor light power supply to power high voltage short arc xenon light sources. Under the high frequency and high voltage of the circuit, the light between the negative electrodes of the bulb emits and causes full spectrum radiation from ultraviolet to infrared. The energy distribution of the radiation spectrum is very close to that of sunlight, which can provide high energy density and continuous irradiation for a long time. S500F photocatalytic xenon light source is widely used in hydrogen production from photolysis water, photochemical catalysis, photochemical synthesis, photodegradation of pollutants, water pollution treatment, biological lighting, optical sensing and other research fields.

Features of OPT-S500F Xenon Light Source

1.Standard inspection lens, horizontal and vertical illumination, 360 degree rotation

2. The bulb adopts filter infrared focusing structure to reduce the heat of the light source.

3.500W photocatalytic xenon light source system,

4. Strong light output 5-15 Sun,

5. The use of domestic xenon light source has the advantages of long life, low replacement cost and fast replacement.

6. High pressure short arc xenon light has the advantages of high brightness, spot luminescence and good color rendering, the light color is close to sunlight, and the light color is stable.

7. Full spectrum radiation light source with ultraviolet, visible and infrared

8. Optional configuration of automatic lifting table, which can adjust the illumination height of the light source

Main emission spectrum range

3001100nmCompatible with CEAULIGHT M62     whole series filter

Cooling mode

Air cooling

Light box volume


Power box volume


Working environment temperature

It can work continuously from-10  to 40  for any   continuous time according to   the needs of the experiment.


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