• OPT-PE300-4A

OPT-PE300-4A Xenon Light Source adopts 300W bulb to realize square light output (20*20mm-100*100mm) for photocatalysis and photoelectric, and has the function of focusing especially in the fields of gas-solid catalysis, photocatalysis, photochemistry and photocatalysis.

OPT-PE300-4A Xenon Light Source Features

1. Square light output, square light can be adjusted in a wide range of 20*20mm-100*100mm²;

2. The square light spot uses the lens assembly to fully collect the light energy, instead of blocking it to form a square spot;

3. The output power of the square dot is the same as the light intensity of the round dot, reaching 2000mw/cm2;

4. The light uniformity of the square dot is 10 times greater than that of the round dot;

5. Achieve to set precise square light spot at any distance.;

6.Safe design, multi-level safety protection such as grounded and high voltage.;

7. It can work together with the optical power meter to display the absolute irradiance in real time and stabilize the fixed optical power in real time.

Output optical power


Light Bulb


Light Shape


Optical Path Steering

Round filter, and does not affect the

shape of  the light

Spectral Range


Temperature Protection

Lamp bulb temperature monitoring,over-temperature power-off protection

Power Supply

300W    AC220V,<0.05%

Light Stability



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