• Glove Box 2 GBS

Glove Box 2 GBS overall dimensions is ; 1935 mm (W) width, 790 mm (D) depth and 1800 mm (H) heigh.

Main chamber dimensions is; 1220 mm (W) width x760 mm (D) depth  x900 mm (H)  heigh.

Vacuum chamber Ø 385 mm ,lenght 600 mm, right side

Vacuum antechamber Ø 150 mm,length 300 mm,right side

Single Gas Purification GP-1 

Automatic control system pressure

Automatic control system purge state

Automatic control system Automatic switching & circulation mode on and off

Automatic control of the regeneration process of the gas purification system

Automatically prompts alarm function

System control parameters 

System password protection

Please contact us for detailed information and requests.

Working voltage220 VAC. 50 Hz, single phase 
Max. Power1.5KW 
Working Gas

Operating gas: Inert gas such as N2, Ar, He ,

Regenerating Gas: For regenerating both oxygen and H20 remover, use mix. of H2 (5-105%) and operating gas

Water Concentration<1 ppm (20° C, 1 atm )
Oxygen Concentration<1 ppm (20° C, 1 atm )
Airlock withstand a minimum vacuum value ≥100 Pa 
The ultra-low weak rate technology<0.001 vol% /hr ( depending on oxygen concentration inside the glove box)

Gas Purification System

Gas Purification System 

Single purification column(GP-1)

A closed Loop Gas, Re-circulation System

H2O & O2 < 1ppm

Oxygen removal: 42L

Moisture removal:1.800gr

Foot ControllerWaterproof Double pedal 
Purge ValveElectro-pneumatic valve 
Pressure Control Unit +15 mbar to -15 mbar 'relative pressure'
Controller A programmed Logical Controlled w. HMI Color Touch Screen
Moisture & Oxygen Control SystemNew Upgraded Color touch screen 

Main and Mini Antechamber

Large Vacuum Antechamber

DN385x600 mm 

Stainless steel 304

Leak rate <10-⁵  mbar l/s  <0.05 vol%h

Small Vacuum Antechamber

DN150 x 440 mm 

Stainless steel 304

Leak rate <10-⁵  mbar l/s

Vacuum gaugesMechanical dial display


Vacuum Pump4L/S (Vacuum rate) 
Oxygen Analyzer

0-1000 ppm, with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm

Touch Screen Display, Oxygen sensor could detect less than 1 ppm

Moisture Analyzer

0-1000 ppm, with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm

Touch Screen Display, Moisture sensor could detect less than 1 ppm

Solvent Absorber SystemFilled up w. 21L high performance active carbon 


Vacuum Pump

Glove Box 2 GBS

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